Knifemen hold London in the grip of fear!

Hospitals are like war zones!

Muslim Mayor Sadiq Khan has lost control of his city. He denies there is a soaring crime rate and admitted he couldn’t solve it even if there was.

Religious extremists wielding butcher knives have turned London into a city of fear.

And the bobbies say they are too scared to tackle the fanatical thugs.


London, which Khan once boasted is the “safest global city in the world,” is now one of the most dangerous. It is also known as the “acid attack capital of the world.”

The muli-cultural metropolis, which historically had one-twentieth of the New York City murder rate, has now overtaken the Naked City for the first time in 200 years, with 50 murders so far this year.

After the latest wave of murderous nights during which two men were killed, a 16-year-old boy stabbed to death, and a 17-year-old girl shot in a “drive by,” a senior surgeon said the hospitals resemble those in a war zone.

Dick and Khan admit they cannot control the crime wave.

The surging crime wave coincides with hundreds of unmonitored Islamic State volunteers returning to London, but politically-correct police chief Cressida Dick refuses to acknowledge Muslim immigrants do most of the killing, and blames the murderous attacks on social media.

The crime surge is also largely due to Khan’s refusal to use “stop and search” on ethnic minorities. Dick admitted the cops are “fearful” of confronting suspects because they “might get into trouble.”




Germany seething with rage over Merkel and migrant violence.


“A few courageous women started protesting in the city after it appeared the mayor was more concerned about xenophobia than about the safety of the citizens,” the Voice of Europe reported.

Since then, citizens who are sickened by migrant violence against women and girls have held protests throughout the country, in Hamburg, Dresden and other cities and towns.

They march for Mia, carrying banners that state: Kandel is everywhere.

Mia’s murder “shows once again that the authorities have nothing under control. The catastrophic combination of open borders and failure of officials is deadly to our society,” said Alexander Gauland, co-leader of the anti-immigration Alternative for Germany party, which is now the second most powerful force in Parliament.

The refugees and so-called asylum seekers seen below are an example of the people Chancellor Merkel let into the country when she opened the gates of hell back in 2015:


They don’t want to accept the gift of a new life in a new country. They want to continue their lawless lifestyle and change the German culture and way of life to fit their own violent and barbaric backgrounds.

They rape and kill women and young girls. They cannot be integrated into lawful society. It is alien to them. They are a lost cause. And the German people are sick to death of it.

A Women’s March, organized in Berlin, drew thousands of women–and men–and went ahead despite being confronted by crowds of angry Antifascist extremists who called the women Nazis and tried to disrupt the parade route.

Chancellor Merkel, of course, is responsible for the brutal death of Mia and for all the migrant violence. The blood of all the victims is on her hands.

images-2How and why she was re-elected last year after 12 years of poisonous leadership is a mystery to the civilized world. But now, as if awakened from a long nightmare, the German people are finally realizing how dangerous she is.

Merkel muss weg!

Sweden’s senior citizens will end up paying for migrant overload



The Swedish government can’t afford to pay the soaring costs of housing, feeding and generally looking after the flood of migrants and so-called asylum seekers so it’s IMG_0846going to raise the national retirement age to save money.

Finance Minister Magdalena Andersson said the retirement age will be raised to offset increased welfare costs of mass migration from predominantly Muslim countries.

Sweden has the fastest growing population growth in Europe because of the socialist government’s ultra-liberal participation in the European Union’s mass immigration policy.

In return for the welfare state’s handouts, housing and many other benefits, the migrants destroy property, set fire to cars, rape women, and rule “no-go zones” with such violence that police and mailman dare not enter.

Sweden — more like Hell than Eden


Citizens — and police — live in fear as the government kowtows to immigrants

So-called asylum seekers and immigrants of unknown and often violent backgrounds are put first over the country’s native population when comes to housing, benefits and quality of life issues.

The migrants show their gratitude by rioting in the streets, robbing and shooting citizens, assaulting women, attacking the police, torching cars, blowing up restaurants and raping Sweden’s genteel and giving society.

And it’s going to get worse. The Swedish government plans to house 100,000 more immigrants in 2018.

As Norwegian historian and multiculturalism expert Fjordman writes:

In the town of Trelleborg, a gang of 50 youths occupied the local library and abused and threatened patrons who dared enter.

An 81-year-old woman, walking her dog in the town of Mölndal, was harassed and threatened by youths as young as 12 who walked in front of her and blew cigarette smoke in her face; one of them spat her in her face.

Cars are torched in Swedish towns on a regular basis. There were 6,000 car-burnings in 9 months, averaging 22 a day. Schools and other buildings are also targeted by arsonists.

Police vehicles and stations have been vandalized; policemen have been fired on and threatened in the privacy of their homes.

The risks of police work are so high and salaries so low that 58 percent of Swedish police officers are looking for other work.

Tap HERE for Fjordman’s article.

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