Leading Hungary since 2010

Viktor Orbán, Rebel with a Cause!

A rebel and a visionary, Hungary's Prime Minister Viktor Orban has done battle with immigration-crazy globalists like Germany’s Angela Merkel and George Soros.
And now the 55-year-old right-wing hero has taken a lead role in turning the tide of uncontrolled Muslim immigration.

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Europe torn apart

Europe’s new import: The Third World

"If we import the third world, we get third world problems,” said British independent MEP Janice Atkinson.
“Our failed open door migration policies have let people in whose backgrounds were not rigorously checked and when we do charge them with crimes we are not allowed to deport them."

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Hero of the Right

Italy’s Matteo Salvini — Hero of the Right!

An international alliance of anti-immigration countries is Italian right wing champion Matteo Salvini’s revolutionary plan to save Europe from migrant chaos and violence. Together they will fight the likes of migrant madness instigators Merkel and Macron.

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Open-border jerkel


The right-wing Alternative for Germany party is taking migrant-hell instigator Chancellor Merkel to court for violating the constitution when she opened the border to an endless stream of illegal aliens.

The nationalist AfD party has filed a complaint against Merkel for her 2015 decision to open the border between Austria and Germany without first consulting the German parliament on the matter.

“Wir schaffen das” — “We can manage this” — she said before letting in millions of migrants, refugees and bogus asylum seekers from mostly Muslim countries, who have contorted Germany into a living hell.

Murder, rape and assault crimes have soared, economic chaos continues to strangle German life, and the next terrorist attack could happen in any city or town.

Germans live in fear, and the blame is on Merkel and Merkel alone.

Wilhelm Michelob in Berlin

Terrorist attacks, Germany

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