Open borders, migrant mayhem, c’est la vie!


Huge number of voters chickened out, deserve what they get!

A unprecedented one third of French voters, the most in nearly 50 years, abstained or tore up their ballots in Sunday’s French presidential election.

Also, a multitude of citizens throughout the country who received ballots in the mail reported that the Le Pen ballots were damaged and therefore invalid, while ballots for Macron were intact.

Terrorism fighter Marine Le Pen received 11 million votes. Her Front National party will rebrand itself with a new name, along the lines of France First, with a doff of the chapeau  to President Trump’s America First slogan.


Election fraud is hurting Le Pen, helping Macron

le-pen-ballot-torn-Voters getting torn, invalid Le Pen ballots, while Macron ballots are intact

French voters are receiving torn and invalid Marine Le Pen ballot papers for Sunday’s presidential election, but in each case, the ballots of rival candidate Emmanuel Macron are intact.

Millions of envelopes containing voting information and ballot papers have been mailed to French households in recent days and there are thousands of reports of invalid ballots.

images-1Voters are finding intact ballot papers for Macron but torn papers for Le Pen.

Many voters have reported that both ballots bear Macron’s name, even among the voter packs of multiple voters living in the same household.

In another instance of illegally influencing voters, some mayors across France have been accused of violating the electoral code by using official letterheads for mailers asking voters to support Macron.

Polls booths will open across the country at 8 a.m. Sunday morning. Initial exit polling results will be be available 12 hours later.

After Macron email leak, Le Pen becomes bettors’ favorite

Voters don’t like the smell of Macron’s hacked emails

PARIS, May 6 (Reuters) – France sought to keep a computer hack of frontrunner images-1Emmanuel Macron’s campaign emails from influencing the outcome of the presidential election, with the electoral commission warning on Saturday that it may be a criminal offence to republish the data.

Macron’s team said a “massive” hack had dumped emails, documents and campaign financing information online just before campaigning ended on Friday and France entered a quiet period, effectively forbidding politicians from commenting on the leak.

Meanwhile, bookies say the money’s on longshot Le Pen

Marine Le Pen is attracting 90 percent of the bets on the eve of the French presidential election, as people gamble that France is in line for an upset, says the British-based betting firm Ladbrokes.GettyImages-678633274-640x426

Despite the polls favoring her centrist rival, gamblers are putting money on the idea that France may be in line for a political shock similar to Britain’s decision to leave the European Union or Donald Trump’s victory in the U.S. presidential election.

With “so many political upsets in recent times, we are not surprised to see punters ignoring the polls,” said a bookie. “Le Pen is attracting the weight of money.” –Breitbart

France on high alert on eve of perilous weekend

3FF990B200000578-4476146-image-a-106_1493984726171Terrorism fighter Le Pen battles for votes

“My goal is to win this presidential election,” Marine Le Pen said Friday.

In the wake of terrorist attacks that have killed 230 people in France in the past two years, the safety of French citizens and the very survival of France is at stake in Sunday’s final-round vote.

Screen Shot 2017-05-05 at 1.30.21 PM
Bodyguards rush Marine Le Pen to safety in Reims on Friday.

The polls are against the right-wing candidate, but as Brexit and the shock win of Donald Trump proved, biased polls and self-righteous pundits can be grossly wrong.

Le Pen, like Trump, is the law and order candidate. She will defend the borders, stop unbridled immigration and rid the country of  Islamic extremists. She will also quit the European Union and bring back the iconic French franc into the currency.

Her opponent, Emmanuel Macron would do the exact opposite, and then some. The former Rothschild banker would open the borders even wider and keep France in the failed and incompetent European Union.

Le Pen took some heat for her combative performance in Wednesday’s TV debate.

Unknown“People talk about my aggressiveness, but the terrible aggressiveness is that of Mr. Macron’s plan for social deconstruction and deregulation,” she said.

“My words are only the echo of the social violence that is going to explode in this country.”

Le Pen will garner most of the votes from young people — especially first-time voters — the working class, and police officers.Unknown-2

Absentee votes will also help Le Pen, as a quarter of French voters say they will abstain in Sunday’s vote — the second-highest for a presidential election runoff since 1965.

Many of them are left-wing voters who were bitterly disappointed that their popular candidate, Jean-Luc Mélenchon, didn’t make it to the final round.