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Civil War coming

American Madness!

The unhinged harassment and bullying of Trump staff are just the beginning of what patriotic Americans believe will explode into domestic terrorism and outright war between Democrats and Republicans.

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Homeland Security head forced out of DC restaurant by liberal thugs.

Homeland Security head relentlessly harassed at restaurant

Open-borders liberal thugs harass and bully Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen while she’s eating dinner at Washington restaurant. Shout “Shame! Shame! Shame!” over and over for 10 minutes. Restaurant refuses to kick them out. Nielsen forced to leave.

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Lock ’n load!

President Trump’s army of Deplorables are ready to do battle against left-wing liberals who are hellbent on sabotaging his Presidency.
A billboard on a rural highway in southern Maryland states it loud and clear:
Hey liberals better get your guns if you try to impeach President Trump. From all of your deplorables in Calvert County.
The sign, which was put up by an unamed local resident, offends two different groups in two different ways, said Captain Dave Payne of the Sheriff’s Office.
Liberal Democrats complain that it’s offensive and should be taken down, and Republicans say the owner shouldn’t be pressured to take it down.
“We can’t win,” said Payne, “we’re caught in the middle.”
The bottom line is the sign is protected by the First Amendment — freedom of speech. And thank the Founding Fathers for that!