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Lock ’n load!

President Trump’s army of Deplorables are ready to do battle against left-wing liberals who are hellbent on sabotaging his Presidency.
A billboard on a rural highway in southern Maryland states it loud and clear:
Hey liberals better get your guns if you try to impeach President Trump. From all of your deplorables in Calvert County.
The sign, which was put up by an unamed local resident, offends two different groups in two different ways, said Captain Dave Payne of the Sheriff’s Office.
Liberal Democrats complain that it’s offensive and should be taken down, and Republicans say the owner shouldn’t be pressured to take it down.
“We can’t win,” said Payne, “we’re caught in the middle.”
The bottom line is the sign is protected by the First Amendment — freedom of speech. And thank the Founding Fathers for that!



Terrorism — blame the liberals



Islamic terrorists plotting poison gas attacks on trains, subways and planes across Europe

The unconscionably liberal European Union, and open-border chumps of state like Merkel and Macron are to blame for this new, (as Macron put it) way of life.

President Trump is no such fool. He is fighting to keep America safe. His tough border control policy is the right thing to do. But of course left-wing judges from ingenuous naive states like California and Washington and Oregon insist on putting political correctness ahead of the safety and security of American citizens. That won’t stand. Trump-tough will prevail.

Taking down cemetery monuments now! Going too far!


Confederate burial site memorial will be removed in la-la land

Hollywood Forever Cemetery (obviously misnamed) will take down a 92-year-old memorial to Confederate veterans buried at the site.

The extreme alt-left’s attack of monumentia has gone too far. Threats of vandalism from far-left liberals have forced the cemetery to remove the granite monument marking the burial site of more than 30 Confederate veterans and their families.

The six-foot monument, which is owned by the Long Beach chapter of the United Daughters of the Confederacy, has stood in the Confederate section of the cemetery since 1925. It will be taken down within the next 24 hours, cemetery officials said.


All symbols of the Confederacy are under attack by left-wing hooligans, not just memorials and statues..

Activists have even demanded that HBO cancel an upcoming series by the creators of the hit Game of Thrones franchise that imagines what America would have been like if the Confederacy had won the Civil War.


Baltimore cowardly removes Confederate statues under cover of darkness.

Work crews used heavy machinery to haul the monuments away on flatbed trucks in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

434C0CE800000578-4795740-A_monument_to_Robert_E_Lee_commander_of_the_pro_slavery_Confeder-a-37_1502889710024.jpgThe monument to Robert E. Lee, commander of the pro-slavery Confederate army in the American Civil War, and Confederate general Stonewall Jackson were taken down from the city’s Wyman Park Dell. A statue dedicated to the Confederate Women of Maryland was removed in the darkness from Bishop Square Park.

A Mount Vernon monument honoring Roger Taney, who wrote the 1857 Dred Scott decision that upheld slavery, and a statue for Confederate soldiers and sailors, which was vandalized with red paint over the weekend, were also carted away.

Ugly mob tear down Confederate statue

Far-left anarchists are destroying American history

Left wing hoodlums tore down a statue of a Confederate soldier in downtown Durham, N.C., on Monday as sheriff’s deputies watched the illegal act and did nothing.

Spectators cheered, kicked and spat on the broken pieces of the century-old broken monument in a sickening scene reminiscent of Iraq or Nazi Germany.

LEFT WING HOOLIGANISM IN ITS UGLIEST FORM ◼︎ Liberal protester poses on the broken remains of a Confederate Army memorial in Durham, N.C.