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The Face of the Democrats

Liberals rage against Trump’s MAGA success!

The U.S. economy under President Trump is booming. Employment is at all-time highs, wages are hitting new highs, the stock market is rocking, consumer prices are falling, America is now the world's largest oil producer, the U.S. military is more powerful than it's ever been, etc etc.
But anti-Trumpers, blinded by psychotic hatred for the president, persist in ignoring the reality of the Trump administration's continuing success.

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Civil War coming

American Madness!

The unhinged harassment and bullying of Trump staff are just the beginning of what patriotic Americans believe will explode into domestic terrorism and outright war between Democrats and Republicans.

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Alt-left terrorism

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Anti-fascist thugs more violent than the ‘fascists’

Antifa is an anti-fascist terrorist coalition — branded the ‘Alt-Left’ by President Trump — that is more violent than the “fascists” they say they’re against, attacking right-wing citizens and blazing a path of vandalism and destruction.

One Dead After Car Plows Into Counter-Protesters At White Supremacist Rally in VA.

Antifa members started a riot in Quebec City last week, attacking protesters who oppose mass migration, and assaulting police officers and a camera crew from Canada’s Global News. The group threatened more attacks against reporters and cameramen.

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The anti-mass migration march in Quebec opposed the open-border migration policy of ultra leftist Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, which has unleashed a Canadian migrant crisis of thousands of mostly Haitian nationals illegally crossing the border from the United States.


Violent clashes between anti-fascist protesters and police in Quebec City:


The Alt-Left movement is expanding into many countries, including the United States and Europe. The organization began in Germany as a paramilitary wing of the Communist Party.

The masked, black-clad extremists have been compared to the Italian Mussolini blackshirts of the 1920s, terrorizing with fear and violence, just like fascists.

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Pick a side!


President Trump was accused by a CNN flambeau of trying to start a civil war.

“He is clearly trying to ignite a civil war in this country. if he was on my team, in this newsroom, he would be escorted out of the building by security.” — Don Lemonyellow

If he was on my team! Is that what you call it? More like a bitter, babbling bunch of self-righteous, left-wing liars and embarrassing crybabies whose only agenda is to stick it to the president with weak-kneed opinions and grossly biased pseudo news. By the way, everyone at CNN should be escorted out of the building!

As for civil war, let’s do it. A civil war between the organized and powerful Trump-led right wing army of patriots and deplorables against the disorganized, weak and leaderless left wing mob of treasonous hooligans who operate under such names as Antifa and Black Lives Matter.

Antifa, Black Lives Matter and other violent left-wing groups — and, of course, the mainstream media — are the enemy.
We’ve got your back, Mr. President.