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The self-righteous Left’s hypocrisy on violence

Left-wing sickos and the liberal media blame President Trump for the current political climate of violence and pipe bombs, while at the same time publicly wishing for his assassination.
They condemn violence while advocating it.

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The Face of the Democrats

Liberals rage against Trump’s MAGA success!

The U.S. economy under President Trump is booming. Employment is at all-time highs, wages are hitting new highs, the stock market is rocking, consumer prices are falling, America is now the world's largest oil producer, the U.S. military is more powerful than it's ever been, etc etc.
But anti-Trumpers, blinded by psychotic hatred for the president, persist in ignoring the reality of the Trump administration's continuing success.

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Alt-left terrorism

Anti-fascist thugs more violent than the ‘fascists’ Antifa is an anti-fascist terrorist coalition — branded the ‘Alt-Left’ by President Trump — that is more violent than the “fascists” they say they’re against, attacking right-wing citizens and blazing a path of vandalism and destruction. Antifa members started a riot in Quebec City last week, attacking protesters who …

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