Canada is not safe!

Canada’s dangerously liberal PM welcomes returning terrorists with open arms!

These murderous barbarians roam the streets of Canadian cities and towns in total freedom.

Free from being apprehended or charged by authorities.

Free to radicalize others, free to finance or facilitate the travel of new recruits to join terrorist armies, even to plan attacks in Canada! 

“They have the potential to pose a significant threat to our national security,” warns Canada’s Security Intelligence Service.



The number of “people suspected of travelling overseas to engage in terrorist activity” had increased to more than 250 by November 2017, according to latest figures.

And scores of the former terrorist fighters who have returned to Canada are being allowed back into the country with the blind and stupid hope of rehabilitating them.

Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale uttered the mother of all understatements when he admitted the chance of reintegrating returning ISIS fighters is “pretty remote.”

Trudeau’s Liberal Party government “and its supporters in academia and the media” actually believe that the returnees can be rehabilitated and reintegrated back into Canadian society to resume normal lives.

The returning terrorists, Trudeau stated, will be an “extraordinary powerful voice” for Canada.
For Canada’s destruction!



Trudeau is an embarrassment and a danger to Canada

Trudeau is a politically correct embarrassment

Above graphic first seen on:

To which I add: Can’t that Gay Pride arsehole (I use the word literally) even put on a shirt to meet the Prime Minister of Canada — as pathetically liberal and ‘politically correct’ as this PM is!?

Is the gay creep so proud of his disgustingly unmanly chest that he must expose it to the world?!

Trudeau became the first Canadian prime minister to march in Vancouver’s annual Pride Parade in the West End neighbourhood on Sunday. Hundreds of thousands of people attended the parade, one of several official events that started Saturday and continue for more than a week.




Canada, where I lived in the “good old days,” is a different country these days — and Justin Trudeau is an embarrassment and a danger to that once great and peaceful land. This ultra-liberal non-leader has his priorities (if you’ll pardon the expression) ass-backwards. Instead of being on hand to show leadership and strong resolve against a very real terrorist attack that’s being described as a potential 9/11 type attack, Trudeau is off gallivanting with gays.

Herewith a brief tableau of his ministership so far:

The bottom right pic is Trudeau hugging it up with London’s Muslim mayor Sadiq Khan, whose dangerously liberal attitude towards terrorists and terrorism — “Terror attacks are part and parcel of living in a big city” — has turned London England into a hellhole of knife and acid attacks and out-of-control crime and violence committed by illegal (mostly Muslim) migrants and refugees.

With Trudeau “leading” the way, Canada is headed for the same fate.

— Guy de Michêl


Trudeau is “delusional”

justin-trudeau-10-e1415172066708 2

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau believes that Canadian ISIS fighters returning home can be reintegrated and deradicalized.

This is not only unwise, but delusional, writes Tom Quiggin, a court appointed expert on jihadist terrorism, in Gatestone.

The returning terrorists will be a “powerful voice for deradicalization,” Trudeau has imagessaid, and that those who oppose their return are “Islamophobic.”

Additionally, Trudeau’s dangerously liberal government refuses to add the names of these returning terrorists to the United Nations committee responsible for the listing international jihadists.

“Trudeau’s position on Islamists should be of concern to both Canadians and Americans,” Quiggin writes. “While the history of Canada and American relations is largely positive, Islamist attacks against America have been attempted from Canada.”

Tom Quiggin’s story HERE.

Canada stands on guard for Islam



Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his ultra-liberal government have destroyed that once congenial and genteel land that used to be Canada.

A new Canadian law puts Islam above all other religions, Christine Douglass-Williams writes in Gatestone. “Any other religion can be discussed openly, criticized openly and even be mocked openly without punishment or state penalty.”

Political Islam, she continues, has no regard for human rights, particularly in its treatment of women, including raping infidel women, and child brides. It advocates that gays should die, Israel should be obliterated, and blasphemers should suffer barbaric punishment.

But that’s okay with Trudeau. And so, apparently, is the Muslim Brotherhood.

Even though, according to its own decree, “The Ikhwan [Muslim Brotherhood] must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and ‘sabotaging’ its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and God’s religion is made victorious over all other religions.” — Muslim Brotherhood Plan for North America.

Trudeau’s Islamization of Canada has made a mockery of the words, and the spirit and essence of its citizens, as expressed in the national anthem, ‘O Canada!’

O Canada!
Our home and native land!
The True North strong and free!
God keep our land glorious and free!
O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.

imagesChristine Douglass-Williams, author of ‘The Challenge of Modernizing Islam,’ was fired as a director at the federal government’s Canadian Race Relations Foundation (CRRF) for writing about “political Islam.”