“Sharia for the Netherlands”

EU the Barbarian!

The European Union is destroying individual nations as migrant hordes — and Islam — take over Europe.
France and other European nations are being killed off one by one!
“And the culprit of this assassination is the European Union,” says famed French writer Michel Houellebecq.

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The streets of Paris

La France est finie!

France is being taken over by Muslims, political journalist Éric Zemmour said in a damning interview, and the country is in “a tragic and terrifying moment in its history.”
Zemmour, whose new book Destin Français was released Wednesday, caused an uproar among liberal globalists a while back when he said Muslims “should be deported to prevent civil war.”

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Austria becomes Europe’s best hope with border-controlled, non-Islam policy

EUROPE’S YOUNGEST LEADER IS NEW RIGHT WING CHAMPION Sebastian Kurz, 31, the new Chancellor, who won the national election in October on a commitment to end illegal immigration, has formed a coalition with far-rightist Heinz-Christian Strache, who has vowed to stop the “Islamization” of Austria. Strache, 48, will become the vice-chancellor and his Freedom Party will …

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