THE DEATH OF FRANCE: No-go zones spread to cities


Violent “no-go” zones occupied by rapists, murderers, drug traffickers, youth gangs and ruled only by Islamic law have spread from the suburbs to the heart of Paris and other cities.

imagesAnd, as political analyst Judith Bergman writes in Gatestone, President Emmanuel Macron blames France, not Islam, for the increased radicalization.

As usual, super liberal Macron has sa tête dans le cul.

Macron says the increased radicalization should lead France to “question itself.”

“We allowed, in too many cities, too many districts, representatives of a distortion of a Unknownreligion, which are full of hate and disenfranchisement to provide solutions that the Republic no longer gives,” Macron said

But, Bergman asks, “Did the French republic impose sharia and the subjugation of women in the suburbs, described by one female survivor as ‘hell’?”

“Was the French republic behind the recent distribution of leaflets stipulating, ‘If you meet a Jew, kill him’?”




Geert Wilders keeps hammering away

“We are the victims of people like you,” Wilders tells Dutch PM Rutte, “who have flooded our country with Muslims.”

Wilders, the anti-Islam, anti-EU crusader, is no longer a voice in the wilderness. In the last election, his Freedom Party won 20 seats in the Netherlands Parliament, up from its previous 12 seats, boosting the party into second place in the government.

Mark Rutte’s weakened, non-majority party won 33 seats, down from the 41 seats it had before.

In the midst of growing terrorism attacks across Europe, Wilders will continue to be the voice of reason in his battle to stem the irresponsible open-border flood of migrants and refugees from mostly-Muslim countries–and their baggage of violence and bloodshed.