Frosty Friday for First Couple

Melania Trump and son Barron exit Air Force One a short but emotionally-charged distance ahead of the President as the first family land in Florida for a weekend at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago getaway.

But getting away from the salacious scandal surrounding the ’60 Minutes’ interview on Sunday with porn star super slut Stormy Daniels won’t be so easy.

As expected, this fame-hungry, money grubbing hag (sounds like Hillary Clinton) will flagellate the President over an alleged romp she had with then-private citizen Donald Trump in Las Vegas 10 hears ago.

Trump’s staunch base of politically incorrect Americans, genuine patriots and the ever famous deplorables will defend the President every misstep of the way over whatever this sleazy over-the-hill hooker has to say.

Trump LandWhy? Because whatever Trump did as a private citizen is irrelevant to his Presidency and all that he has accomplished so far, including (to name a few) bringing jobs back to America, the biggest tax cuts in U.S. history, decimating Isis, and taming that nuke-mad North Korean lunatic.

Voters who elected Donald Trump knew what they were getting: a lusty, politically- and socially-incorrect dynamic, tough American male who loved the ladies. He was a rich and famous real estate tycoon and reality TV star, for godsake. He enjoyed life. But that doesn’t negate all the achievements in his short time so far as President.

As an evangelical bigwig said: “We knew we weren’t electing a choir boy.”

So you can tell that super slut to stuff it. No real American gives a damn.

— Guy de Michél



Melanija sad in black

The Donald and Melania head out for dinner at the Trump International Hotel in Washington on Saturday night after another stormy week in which Trump, clearly to Melania’s chagrin, sided with two male staffers who resigned after being accused by their ex-wives of spousal abuse.

Not to mention the lingering alleged fling with Stormy Daniels.

When will domestic bliss and tranquility return to the White House?

Stay tuned.