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Liberal bias is shocking

Google and Facebook’s suppression of conservative voices; Mainstream media’s 24/7 pummeling of Trump!

"No foreign enemy, no terror group, no native criminal gang suffers the daily beating that Trump does." -- Michael Goodwin.
More than 90 Percent of Trump coverage by CNN, NBC, CBS is negative -- more negative than for any other president!

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Zuckerberg’s a hacker from way back


In 2004, when Mark Zuckerberg was a 19-year-old student at Harvard who had just launched a social network, he wrote to a friend:

“I have over 4,000 emails, pictures and addresses. If you ever need info about anyone at Harvard, just ask.”

“What?” replied Zuckerberg’s friend whose name has been deleted from the records. “How’d you manage that?”

“People just submitted it,” said Zuckerberg. “I don’t know why.”

And then he added that now famous line: “They trust me. Dumb fucks.”

Fourteen years later he’s a billionaire Harvard dropout testifying before Congress about stealing and selling the private information of billions of trusting Facebook users.

The Harvard Crimson was hacked last May to poke fun at Zoinkerberg.


It wasn’t the first time, reports the Business Insider.

At Harvard, three seniors said Zuckerberg told them he would help them build a social network called HarvardConnection.com. But instead, Zuck the schmuck was building his own competing product — that which would end up being Facebook.

UnknownThe Harvard student paper, the Crimson, investigated the matter and found that Zuckerberg, in his desperation to ensure that nothing negative was published about him, used his own site to hack the email accounts of Crimson editors. He then read through their emails looking for anything negative about him.

This creep may be a billionaire (he makes $4-million a day!) but to the whole world now, he’s nothing more than a sneaky little thief. Another reason (not that we needed one) to hate the filthy rich.

Why let this punk take any more of our money. Get the hell out of Facebook before you lose your mind.

–Buck Cassidy in Wyoming

Social Network Nazi


Facebook threatens satirical website over spoof story that humorless liberal left-wing “fact checker” Snopes declares “false.”

This story by Breitbart's John Nolte
is important to everyone who believes
in free speech — not to mention humor!

The Christian satire site Babylon Bee has been fact-checked by Snopes and threatened by Facebook after it published an Onion-style article about CNN purchasing a washing machine to “spin the news.”

EFCC6CCB-3FA0-48AB-9396-2BDC62B87497.pngThe Babylon Bee openly advertises itself as a satire site.

Not that that matters to our left-wing tech overlords, who are becoming increasingly desperate to censor free speech from conservatives, Christians, and the like.

This time, in order to protect the far-left CNN from ridicule, Snopes and Facebook worked in tandem to teach the Babylon Bee (and all of us) a lesson about mocking your betters.

It all started with a Babylon Bee headline that read, “CNN Purchases Industrial-Sized Washing Machine to Spin News Before Publication,” and a few paragraphs of satire that are more goofy than biting:

ATLANTA, GA—In order to aid the news station in preparing stories for consumption, popular news media organization CNN purchased an industrial-sized washing machine to help its journalists and news anchors spin the news before publication.

The custom-made device allows CNN reporters to load just the facts of a given issue, turn a dial to “spin cycle,” and within five minutes, receive a nearly unrecognizable version of the story that’s been spun to fit with the news station’s agenda.

One reporter was seen inserting the facts of a recent news story early Thursday morning.


Nevertheless, in a one-two punch, starting with an overbearing Snopes’ fact check that declared an obvious piece of satire “false,” according to the site’s founder Adam Ford, Facebook used that fact check as a means to lay the groundwork required to forever snuff out the Babylon Bee:

“The Babylon Bee recently posted the link (CNN Purchases Industrial-Sized Washing Machine to Spin News Before Publication) that contains info disputed by Snopes.com, an independent fact checker,” Facebook writes, before lowering the boom. “Repeat offenders will see their distribution reduced and their ability to monetize and advertised removed.”

Some Facebook users who commented on the “washing machine” post said that when they tried to share the satiric article to their own page, “On my feed, following this article, FB posted a ‘fact-checker’ link to Snopes.”

So, for the sin of tweaking CNN, not only is Facebook threatening the Babylon Bee with extinction, but those who share this satire are being flagged as spreaders of fake news.

When a powerful, mindless, faceless, left-wing bureaucracy wants to chill free speech, this is exactly how they go about it.


This is Kafka 101, a world where you do not know what the rules are because there are no rules — so you freeze and do nothing, which is exactly what the left wants. Never forget that this is exactly what Obama’s IRS did to the Tea Party in the lead up to the 2012 election.

Additionally, when one recalls how CNN threatened to dox a private citizen for making a silly YouTube video that targeted the last-place network, this act of corporate fascism against the Babylon Bee — and the chilling message it is meant to send to anyone who would dare mock the left-wing establishment — is even less surprising.