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  • Guy de Michêl 4:03 pm on August 7, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Europe’s new import: The Third World 

    Europe must close all its borders!

    “If we import the third world we get third world problems,” British independent MEP Janice Atkinson said in an interview with the Hungarian Journal.

    “Rapes, gang rape, violent crime have increased exponentially and our prisons are proportionally overburdened with foreign criminals in comparison to our own citizens.”

    The solution, she said, to all the migrant chaos and crime that’s been raging since Germany’s Merkel flung open the borders in 2015 is relatively simple: “Europe has to close all its borders.”

    Italian right wing championAtkinson, vice-chairperson of the European Parliament’s Europe of Freedom and Nations, added:

    “We have to close our individual nation state borders, abandon the failed ideological policy of Schengen, close the EU’s external borders and start speeding up the extradition of migrants, as Matteo Salvini is doing in Italy.”

    Political correctness, that pitiful quality of bleeding-heart liberal globalists, has prevented United Kingdom authorities from taking any action.

    “Our failed open doors migration policies have continued where we have let people in whose backgrounds were not rigorously checked, and when we do charge them with crimes we are not allowed to deport them because our own judges or the European Court of Human Rights overrules our sovereign courts,” Atkinson said.

    “This has happened with terrorists, hate preachers, those encouraging terrorism and the mainly Muslim Pakistani rape gang members who have groomed tens of thousands of young, vulnerable girls.”

    This is where Brexit could be a game-changer.

    “If this government doesn’t strike a deal with the European Union that means choosing the EU nationals we want and need for our economy rather than allowing anyone to travel for work, then there will be no change.”

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  • Guy de Michêl 11:11 pm on July 2, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Italy’s Matteo Salvini — Hero of the Right! 

    Europe’s survival depends on anti-immigration countries joining together to fight the likes of Merkel and Macron.

    Matteo Salvini, Italy’s dynamic new interior minister and deputy prime minister, has a revolutionary plan to save Europe from migrant chaos and violence.

    Like-minded leaders who want to “defend their people and their borders” have said they will join his coalition — Hungary, the Czech Republic, Poland and Austria, for starters.

    Matteo Salvini told 50,000 supporters at his party’s annual convention that he wants next year’s European Union election to be a “referendum between the elite, the banks, finance, immigration and job security, and the Europe of the peoples and of work.”

    The goal is to “create an alternative to this Europe founded on exploitation and mass immigration,” Salvini said.


    The doors of Italy will be wide open for women and children who flee war, but for the others, no.”

    Matteo Salvini is co-leader of Italy’s newly-formed coalition government determined to get tough on migrants entering the country. He issued a vow to ban NGO rescue ships from docking in Italian ports.

    Salvini will turn them back!

    Arrogant’ Macron risks becoming ‘enemy No. 1’ on migration for Italy

    Matteo Salvini has the support of German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer, who defied Chancellor Merkel by threatening to stop migrants at the border.

  • Guy de Michêl 4:50 pm on April 26, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    British judges refuse to save Little Alfie 

    Parents’ desperate plea for one more chance to save their sick baby brutally denied by British court.
    Who the hell do these judges think they are? God?

    The Pope and the Italian government had stepped in to try and save little Alfie Evans after the European Union’s so-called Court of Human Rights callously refused to help.

    But a British court barred the baby from being transferred to Italy, and doctors in the Liverpool hospital switched off Alfie’s ventilator.

    The 23-month-old child had been granted Italian citizenship after Pope Francis intervened as doctors at Alder Hay Children’s Hospital were about to disconnect the baby’s life support system without the parents’ approval.

    “Alfie now belongs to Italy,” the baby’s father Tom Evans had said.


    Parents Kate James and Tom Evans

    The Italian government demanded Alfie’s “immediate transfer” to a hospital in Rome for treatment that may have saved his life.

    A military air ambulance was standing by “at the request of the Pope” waiting to take Alfie to Bambino Gesu (Baby Jesus) Hospital in Rome.


    Justice Hayden

    But three senior judges rejected all of the appeals by Alfie’s parents, upholding the earlier ruling by High Court Justice Anthony Hayden, and barred the baby from being transported to Rome.

    This Hayden guy, with his high-and-mighty wig and supercilious look, held little Alfie’s fate in his imperious hands, and acted as though he were God.

    William Micklebury in London


    Angry crowd pushed back by police as they try to enter the Liverpool hospital to protest the inhumane decision on baby Alfie Evans.

  • Guy de Michêl 1:19 pm on February 11, 2018 Permalink | Reply  

    Deutschland ist gefickt 



    Germany, with no budget for its elderly, will spend 93 billion on migrants. And this is what they get for their money:

    Muslim migrants march through Berlin Metro station screaming “Allahu akbar!”

    When Merkel the Jerkel and the globalist elites who run the European Union opened the borders to the mass immigration of illegal migrants, refugees and so-called asylum seekers they lit the fuse for the ticking time bomb that threatens to explode any day and blow the old Europe to kingdom come.



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