Europe torn apart

Europe’s new import: The Third World

"If we import the third world, we get third world problems,” said British independent MEP Janice Atkinson.
“Our failed open door migration policies have let people in whose backgrounds were not rigorously checked and when we do charge them with crimes we are not allowed to deport them."

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Hero of the Right

Italy’s Matteo Salvini — Hero of the Right!

An international alliance of anti-immigration countries is Italian right wing champion Matteo Salvini’s revolutionary plan to save Europe from migrant chaos and violence. Together they will fight the likes of migrant madness instigators Merkel and Macron.

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British judges refuse to save Little Alfie

Parents’ desperate plea for one more chance to save their sick baby brutally denied by British court.
Who the hell do these judges think they are? God?

The Pope and the Italian government had stepped in to try and save little Alfie Evans after the European Union’s so-called Court of Human Rights callously refused to help.

But a British court barred the baby from being transferred to Italy, and doctors in the Liverpool hospital switched off Alfie’s ventilator.

The 23-month-old child had been granted Italian citizenship after Pope Francis intervened as doctors at Alder Hay Children’s Hospital were about to disconnect the baby’s life support system without the parents’ approval.

“Alfie now belongs to Italy,” the baby’s father Tom Evans had said.

Parents Kate James and Tom Evans

The Italian government demanded Alfie’s “immediate transfer” to a hospital in Rome for treatment that may have saved his life.

A military air ambulance was standing by “at the request of the Pope” waiting to take Alfie to Bambino Gesu (Baby Jesus) Hospital in Rome.

Justice Hayden

But three senior judges rejected all of the appeals by Alfie’s parents, upholding the earlier ruling by High Court Justice Anthony Hayden, and barred the baby from being transported to Rome.

This Hayden guy, with his high-and-mighty wig and supercilious look, held little Alfie’s fate in his imperious hands, and acted as though he were God.

William Micklebury in London

Angry crowd pushed back by police as they try to enter the Liverpool hospital to protest the inhumane decision on baby Alfie Evans.

Deutschland ist gefickt



Germany, with no budget for its elderly, will spend 93 billion on migrants. And this is what they get for their money:

Muslim migrants march through Berlin Metro station screaming “Allahu akbar!”

When Merkel the Jerkel and the globalist elites who run the European Union opened the borders to the mass immigration of illegal migrants, refugees and so-called asylum seekers they lit the fuse for the ticking time bomb that threatens to explode any day and blow the old Europe to kingdom come.



Merkel’s “poison” is the right’s elixir

“POISON” — that’s how German Chancellor Angela Merkel describes the rise of right-wing populism in Europe.

And she is determined to get it “under control,” she told fellow globalists in Davos, Switzerland, where 1,000 private jets flew in world leaders for their elitist and offensive annual love fest.

220px-Alternative-fuer-Deutschland-Logo-2013.svgMerkel is still bent out of shape that Germany’s far-right AfD party won its first parliamentary seats in the German election, which left Merkel struggling to form a government.

The new dominance of the AfD in Germany came after the right wing made gains  in the Netherlands and France, where Freedom Parties led by Geert Wilders and Marine Le Pen now have significant power in parliament.

PICTURED (left to right): Geert Wilders, Netherlands; Marine Le Pen, France; Sebastian Kurz and Heinz-Christian Strache, Austria.

Those gains were followed in Austria where rightists Sebastian Kurz and Heinz-Christian Strache formed a government.

Additionally, the far-right gained votes in the Czech Republic, strengthening the right in Europe, where Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and Bulgaria already have right-wing populist leaders in office.

PICTURED {from top, left to right): Anrej Babiš, Czech Republic; Beata Szydło, Poland; Robert Fico, Slovakia; Victor Orbán, Hungary; Boyco Borisov, Bulgaria. All tell Merkel to butt out of their countries.

But Merkel the Jerkel just doesn’t get it.

“We believe that isolationism won’t take us forward,” she told the forum of wealthy wankers. “We believe that we must cooperate, that protectionism is not the correct answer.”

Merkel’s “We” sure as hell doesn’t include President Trump, who will arrive in Davos on Thursday to irritate his foes by selling his ‘America First’ policies.


A city invaded

Migrants have destroyed the quality of life in the Italian town of Ventimiglia, which used to be known as “the gem of the Italian Riviera.”


Those days are over, as the European Union allows a menacing flow of illegal immigrants and lawless asylum seekers from mostly Muslim lands to pour into its member countries, with no regard for the citizenry. To hell with the so-called sovereignty of the people. The EU doesn’t care about that.

That dictatorial, self-righteous, insulated body just caters to the likes of German Chancellor Merkel, who started all the migrant mayhem when she opened up Germany’s borders and unleashed the horror of mass migration.

In the Mediterranean town of Ventimiglia, hordes of angry migrants roam the streets, women are no longer safe, the tourism industry is ruined.


Life will never be the same again in Ventimiglia. Like cities and towns across Europe, the quality of life, the uniqueness, the history, the beauty, the joy have all been destroyed.