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  • Guy de Michêl 11:17 pm on September 21, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    In igt together! Plot to oust Trump...

    Justice Department and FBI riddled with traitors!

    The exposé revealing Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein as the dirty rat we knew him to be is just part of the slime in the very deep Deep State swamp.

    “There’s a lingering stench and we’re going to get rid of it.” — President Trump

    Rosenstein of course must be fired, despite the political consequences.

    And Attorney General Jeff Sessions must also go!

    It was Superwimp Sessions who caused the whole Russian-collusion investigation to get started. And it’s been needling President Trump for these past too many months — and, tearing America apart!

    When Sessions wimped out — “recused” himself — from having anything to do with the Russia investigation, he told Rosenstein to take charge.

    Crooked little shit

    Rosenstein duly appointed former FBI director Robert Mueller, a good friend of former director James Comey, who Trump had fired, to head the investigation.

    Mueller stacked his team of lawyers and investigators with Democrats who backed Hillary Clinton in her presidential bid, and who also gave to the corrupt Clinton Foundation.

    The blatant bias and intent of the investigation has always been known, but never clearer now, after Rosenstein the Rat was himself ratted on!

    The big worry for Trump now!

    Biggest creep in Washinton

    Mueller is determined to have President Trump removed from office!

    He has been gathering information for many months (costing American taxpayers multi millions of dollars), but he has yet to make a move on the President.

    Mueller is waiting to pounce just before the crucial midterm elections in November that will determine if Trump’s Republicans can hang onto their minuscule margin of power in the House of Representatives. And, moreover, to their majority in the Senate.

    If  comes out with dirt on Trump just before the midterms, it will be curtains for the Republican House — and possibly the Senate — and consequently, the President’s ability to continue his winning leadership.

    Trump will become a “lame duck” president under a Democrat majority, and his astonishingly successful ‘Make America Great Again‘ agenda will be shot all to hell.


    Justice Department and FBI plotted to oust Trump!

    Deep State Plot to oust Trump!

    Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein wanted to secretly tape the President in the Oval Office and then get top government officials to use it to remove Trump from office.

    In an explosive story, The New York Times reports that Rosenstein shared his plan with “other Justice Department and FBI officials.”

    What Rosenstein didn’t count on was the officials he confided in gave their accounts to the paper anonymously.

    Rosenstein’s plan was to have the President removed as being unfit for office, under the 25th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

    He told then-FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe that he believed he could convince Attorney General Jeff Sessions and then-Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly to invoke the 25th Amendment, the Times reports.

    The 25th Amendment allows for a majority of the president’s cabinet, or ‘such other body as Congress may by law provide,’ to decide if a sitting President is mentally fit, and then put it to a vote before the full Congress.

  • Guy de Michêl 11:22 pm on September 17, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Secret plot to sabotage Trump Presidency made public after documents declassified! 

    Breitbart hesdline

    Screen shot from Breitbart News


    No one does it better than Breitbart!

  • Guy de Michêl 2:02 pm on May 2, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Trump’s as mad as hell… 

    … and he’s not going to take it anymore!

    Witch hunt Mueller’s threat to subpoena the President in the bogus, biased Russian collusion probe has incited Trump’s fighting instinct.

    “His instinct is always to be on the offensive,” said a Trump insider, as reported by Axios. “This was a wake-up call to the president that will embolden him. As he sees this becoming more serious, his instinct is to punch back ten times harder.”

    Mueller told the President’s lawyers that if Trump doesn’t agree to an interview to answer a long list questions (the list was leaked to the mainstream media last week), Mueller would issue a subpoena for the president to appear before a grand jury.

    “For the average human, nothing scares them more than legal issues,” said the insider, according to Axios. “He. Does. Not. Care. His whole adult life has been spent in litigation. He’s not afraid of high-stakes legal stuff. He’s just going to start swinging and knock people’s heads off.”

    The risks are too high for Trump to submit to an interview, reported Axios, quoting law professor and former White House counsel Robert Bauer.

    The list of questions is extremely threatening, he said. Some of the questions have no safe answer.

  • Guy de Michêl 12:11 am on May 2, 2018 Permalink | Reply

    Rat-arsed skunk! 

    Drawing by Ralph Steadman


    Republicans are drawing up articles of impeachment against Deputy Attorney General Rod “The Rat” Rosenstein, the Deep State flunky who appointed special counsel Robert Mueller to bring down the Trump Presidency.

    Trump should have fired both their traitorous asses months ago.

    The rat is acting all tough guy. “The Department of Justice is not going to be extorted,” Rosenstein squeaked.

    Justice, my ass. If there was any justice in the so-called Justice Department, it would be investigating Hillary Clinton for destroying 33,000 incriminating emails that contained confidential government information, along with the Benghazi disaster coverup, the sale of U.S. uranium rights to the Russians, augmenting her already illgotten gains with “donations” to the staggeringly corrupt Clinton Foundation, and a myriad malfeasance during her life as a political criminal.

    But back to Rosenstein. Only he has direct authority over Mueller’s probe into alleged collusion between Trump and Russia during the 2016 elections — none of which has been found.


    So now Mueller is going after private citizen Trump’s personal business dealings before he was elected President, way beyond the parameters of the purpose of the original investigation.

    And only Rosenstein can fire Mueller and put an end to this treasonous treachery. But he has refused to do so. There is only one course left for the President. Get rid of Rosenstein and put someone in his place who will fire Mueller — and to hell with the political consequences.

    Taking such a bold action (many would say reckless action) is Trump’s style. He’s a combative tough guy who doesn’t kowtow to anyone. And so far it has worked for him. He’s Superman for god sake!

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