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  • Guy de Michêl 11:43 pm on October 11, 2018 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Don Lemonhead, Kanye West   

    CNN Lemon sour POS 

    Trump hating fag

    This self-righteous racial creep is a disgrace to the black and human race!


    “Girlie man” Don Lemon denigrated rap star Kanye West’s Oval Office meeting with President Trump on Thursday as a “minstrel show.” He said the rapper’s mother would be “rolling in her grave.” He referred to Kanye as the President’s “token negro.”

    This story, from, is such an example of how scurrilously low Democrats will sink in their psychotic hatred of President Trump and his supporters that I won’t attempt to edit it. So here it is in full:

    Black power

    The Great Jim Brown on the Right.

    But not until 2024

    Kanye West for President! But not until 2024!

  • Guy de Michêl 3:14 pm on July 13, 2018 Permalink | Reply  

    Trump smacks down CNN big time! 

    President Trump whacks CNN reporter — refuses to take question from ‘Fake News’ at joint press conference with British PM Theresa May.

    Takes a question from Fox News instead. “Let’s go to a real network.”

    This is just too good:

    Smacks down CNN reporter!

    Thank you, Mr. President!

  • Guy de Michêl 2:41 pm on June 22, 2018 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Brian Stetler, Crying girl photo, Denis Javier Varela Hernandez, , Sandra Sanchez   

    Fake News media exposed with phony ‘crying girl’ photo 

    Real photo of phony crying girl story

    Mother and child, shown here with the father, were never separated at the border.

    More Mainstream Media Lies to Bring Down Trump!

    The photo of the little migrant girl crying as a seemingly uncaring President Trump towers over her was a downright lie — the latest low blow by the Fake News media.

    It was first published on the cover of the nauseating liberal Time magazine and then picked by CNN, MSNBC and the rest of the Trump-hating mainstream media gang of anti-American fifth columnists.

    President Trump blasted Democrats for politicizing “phony stories of sadness and grief” about illegal immigrant children being separated from their parents at the U.S.-Mexico border just so they can make gains in the midterm elections.

    The truth of the phony ‘crying girl’ photo story was revealed in an exclusive interview with the 32-year-old father.

    Denis Javier Varela Hernandez said the two-year-old girl, Yanella, and her mother, Sandra Sanchez, also 32, were detained by immigration authorities in Texas after she applied for asylum, but were never separated.

    Phony photo child was never separated from her mother.


    Media Slams President For Prematurely Ending Crisis They Were Exploiting

    From the Babylon Bee

    After President Trump signed an executive order ending the separation of illegal immigrant children from their parents, several news networks slammed the president for prematurely ending the news story they were endlessly milking for ratings.

    Right after Trump ordered the end of the family separation policy, MSNBC, CNN, and dozens of other news outlets raked the president over the coals for taking away their 24/7 topic of discussion. Representatives for multiple stations confirmed that they were “really counting on” the immigration crisis to go on for another month or two in order to keep their ratings high.

    CNN's Stetler is an idiot

    It’s CNN’s Brian Stelter and the rest of the Fake News creeps who live in ‘Fantasyland’ — not the President!

     “We had hundreds of pieces lined up to really milk this thing, and then the president just has to go and do the right thing and end it, totally out of the blue. Ugh,” CNN’s Brian Stelter (above photo) posted on his Twitter account.

    “We’re gonna have to find something else to criticize about him if we’re gonna maintain our manufactured, selective outrage for a full 24-hour news cycle each and every day here.”

    Stetler went on to suggest that the network may criticize the font in which the executive order was typed, the president’s penmanship while signing the executive order, or the type of paper on which it was printed, depending on how he’s feeling tomorrow.

    “We’ll think of something to criticize, believe you me,” he added.

  • Guy de Michêl 11:53 pm on January 17, 2018 Permalink | Reply  

    Trump announces Fake News awards 



    The New York Times is the big winner in President Trump’s 2017 Fake News Awards.

    Paul Krugman won the top Trumpie for reporting that on the day of President Trump’s historic landslide victory the economy would never recover.

    He was dead wrong, of course, as all Stock Market indexes kept soaring all year, with the Dow currently at an all-time record high of 26,000 points.


    And that happened during a year of unrelenting mainstream media bias against Trump, unfair news coverage and blatant phony news. Studies indicate that more than 90% of the media’s coverage of President Trump is negative.

    ABC News came in second with a Trumpie for a false story by so-called investigative reporter Brian Ross which sent the markets in a downward spiral. ABC admitted the mistake, Ross was demoted, the markets recovered and resumed their sky-high ride.


    Third place award went to a CNN report that the president and his son, Don Jr., received an email from WikiLeaks that offered them access to hacked documents. CNN had to publish a humiliating correction.


    Overall, CNN won the most Trumpies for four stories:

    FALSELY reported that candidate Donald Trump and his son Donald J. Trump, Jr. had access to hacked documents from WikiLeaks. Directly below this award and third on the overall list, was a Fox News headline: ‘CNN botches dates, inaccurately reports Trump campaign had Wikileaks sneak peak.’

    FALSELY edited a video to make it appear President Trump purposely overfed fish during a visit to Japan, but it was Japanese prime minister Abe who actually was first to feed the fish by tossing his box of fish food into the pond, after which Trump did the same.


    FALSELY reported about Anthony Scaramucci’s meeting with a Russian, but retracted it due to a “significant breakdown in process.” This seventh award on the list was followed with a Washington Post headline: ‘Three CNN employees resign over retracted story on Russia ties.’

    FALSELY reported that former FBI Director James Comey would dispute President Trump’s claim that he was told he is not under investigation. Directly below the award, ninth on the list, were two screen shots of CNN broadcasts, one showing CNN sources’ claims and another that refuted the sources’ claims and revealed what Comey actually said.

    Full report on the awards HERE.

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