“It is shameful that Hillary Clinton attempted to delete or hide classified information and that Obama appointees James Comey and Loretta Lynch refused to prosecute her,” said Tom Fitton, president of the watchdog group Judicial Watch.

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He’s out of control!



Deep State hitman Robert Mueller is now investigating a paltry $150,000 donated by a Ukrainian businessman to Donald Trump’s charity in 2015, while ignoring the millions of dollars the billionaire has given to the corrupt Clinton Foundation.

Steel magnate Victor Pinchuk has donated up to $25-million to the Clinton Foundation Unknownover the years, according to reports, giving him privileged access to Clinton when she was secretary of state.

But that’s of no importance to former G-man Mueller, the special counsel who loaded his gang of investigators with Democratic Party supporters and donors to initially look int of Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. election.

IMG_1388But that original mandate has careened out of control into the private life of then businessman Donald Trump. It even led to a raid by FBI agents on Monday at the office of Trump’s personal lawyer, a blatant violation of client-lawyer rights.

It has been grotesquely obvious for months that Mueller’s whole game plan to bring down President Trump, while giving a free pass to Hillary Clinton, whose political career of corruption and criminal scandals is staggering almost beyond belief.

But now Mueller has gone too far in his wild and defiant treachery.

Sessions skating on thin ice


Attorney General Jeff Sessions has two choices: Investigate Hillary Clinton’s approval of the sale of U.S. uranium to the Russians — or be fired.

And President Trump is just the man to do it. And then he should fire Deputy UnknownAttorney General Rod Rosenstein (left) for appointing special counsel Robert Mueller to investigate trumped-up charges of a Trump-Russia collusion in last year’s election.

As secretary of state, Clinton signed off on the Uranium One deal — originally approved by the Obama administration — to sell 20 percent of U.S.uranium supplies to a Russian company in exchange for $148 million in donations to the family Clinton Foundation.

Sessions’ Justice Department couldn’t wait to appoint a special counsel to investigate the farfetched allegations of Russian interference in the election, so dragging its feet in the Clinton matter is unconscionable.

Clearly, crimes were committed on several levels. Corruption of course. Treason come to mind. An investigation would stir up a hornet’s nest. Hillary Clinton — and Slick Willie — would finally be caught. So what’s the holdup?


As the New York Post states, If crimes were committed to further Russia’s nuclear goals, Americans need to know. And if Team Obama suspected that but still OK’d the Uranium One sale to a Russian firm, Americans deserve an explanation.

 Even before Clinton’s State Department approved the Uranium One deal, the FBI reportedly had evidence of Russian “bribery, kickbacks, extortion and money-laundering” aimed at enhancing Vladimir Putin’s nuclear interests in America.

Hillary Clinton must be investigated


Serious matters of national security and corruption

The U.S. Attorney General, in a typically slack-jawed statement, said he is considering appointing a special counsel to investigate Hillary Clinton on three fronts involving national security and corruption when she was Secretary of State.

Jeff Sessions is finally taking a look at Hilary Clinton’s role in the sale of 20 percent of U.S. uranium supplies to a Russian company; the Clinton Foundation granting special favors to big donors; and her negligent handling of a private e-mail server.

Sessions said prosecutors to look into the Republican concerns and report directly to him and a top deputy.

imagesMr. Attorney General — a job, by the way, you should never have been appointed to — don’t just consider it, DO IT!

Sessions is a professional wimp who specializes in backing away from his job and “recusing” himself every time a matter comes up that deserves immediate and dynamic attention — but to use the words Sessions and dynamic in the same sentence is the swamp joke of the century.