He’s out of control!

TRUMP’S CHARITY BEING PROBED INSTEAD OF CORRUPT CLINTON FOUNDATION Deep State hitman Robert Mueller is now investigating a paltry $150,000 donated by a Ukrainian businessman to Donald Trump’s charity in 2015, while ignoring the millions of dollars the billionaire has given to the corrupt Clinton Foundation. Steel magnate Victor Pinchuk has donated up to $25-million …

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Sessions skating on thin ice

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has two choices: Investigate Hillary Clinton’s approval of the sale of U.S. uranium to the Russians — or be fired. And President Trump is just the man to do it. And then he should fire Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein (left) for appointing special counsel Robert Mueller to investigate trumped-up charges of a Trump-Russia …

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Hillary Clinton must be investigated

Serious matters of national security and corruption The U.S. Attorney General, in a typically slack-jawed statement, said he is considering appointing a special counsel to investigate Hillary Clinton on three fronts involving national security and corruption when she was Secretary of State. Jeff Sessions is finally taking a look at Hilary Clinton’s role in the sale of 20 …

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