Raging Bullshit! Starring Robert De Niro!

“Fuck Trump!” Robert De Niro, the star of ‘Raging Bull’ and other movies, shouted and snarled at the Broadway Tony Awards on Sunday night.

And the crowd of sickening snowflakes reacted with cheers and whoops and a standing ovation.

Hey, De Niro, and the rest of youse ignorant mugs, are you not paying attention?!

The President you so ignobly slander to the amusement of your fellow left-wing thugs is currently in Singapore to secure world peace and save the human race from nuclear annilihation!

Warren Buffett says American economy "strong" under Trump.
As for the economy, the U.S. stock market has added $6.9 trillion in market cap since Trump was elected, already close to half of what was added in all eight years of Obama’s presiddency.

And none other than liberal Democrat Warren Buffett gives President Trump a sound endorsement and says the U.S. economy is “strong.”

But you Hollywood and Broadway pussies hate Trump so much you would rather see America fall into economic ruin and even war if it means getting rid of Trump.

Well, in your own vernacular, I’m gonna say this: Fuck you all, you treasonous bastards!

— Guy de Michel

New York Post story by Joe Tacopino

“Hey Trump — I’m talkin’ to you!”

Robert De Niro dropped an F-bomb onstage during Sunday’s Tony Awards ceremony in a vulgar diatribe aimed at President Trump that got a standing ovation from the crowd at Radio City Musical Hall.

“I’m gonna say one thing: F–k Trump,” De Niro shouted, raising his arms into the air as the crowd cheered for nearly half a minute.

He then added, “It’s no longer down with Trump. It’s f–k Trump,” garnering more cheers.

The actor star made the comments while introducing a musical performance by Bruce Springsteen.

The censors on CBS were able to bleep out the short political rant, but those in attendance quickly put the statement out on social media.


Robert De Niro, Bill Maher and other Trump-hating actors and so-called comedians are so consumed with hate they are nothing more than American traitors.



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Trump hating egomaniac’s Broadway show45CA2C2200000578-5027907-image-a-11_1509237293761 closes, box office dud

Ultra left-wing, un-American jerk Michael Moore thought his one-man Broadway show ‘The Terms of My Surrender’ would be a rallying call to fellow liberal lunatics and spark an insurrection against President Trump.

 But the traitorous, anti-Trump ego-trip ended up being a huge dud.

Even liberal theater goers hated the shabby performance, which the New York Times described “a bit like being stuck at Thanksgiving dinner with a garrulous, self-regarding, time-sucking uncle.”