California risking citizens’ lives just to ‘stick it to Trump.’


California’s “sanctuary state” bill that prohibits local law enforcement from cooperating with federal immigration authorities is “all about sticking it to Trump.”

The bill’s author, State Senate President Kevin De León (left) said the bill is the only 220px-Kevin_de_Léon_2012way to “stop the Trump deportation machine.”

The Los Angeles Democrat admitted at a public hearing that “half his family is here illegally,”

Orange County Sheriff Sandra Hutchins said the bill is “all about sticking it to Trump” and will put lawful citizens at great risk by preventing dangerous criminals from being deported.

“This bill would prohibit me as a sheriff from notifying Immigration and Customs Enforcement of someone who’s in custody for a felony such as domestic violence, human trafficking or rape,” the sheriff said, “and the potential felon would be released to the street.”

And then everyone suffers, legal and illegal citizens alike. “ICE is not going to let these people go,” the sheriff said. “They will go out and do search warrants on homes.”

Local law enforcement would be loathe to defy state law and enforce federal immigration law because they would be prosecution by the state.


Thousands of anti-Trump protesters use their bodies to spell ‘RESIST!!’ in enormous letters on Ocean Beach in San Francisco.