Breitbart TV will rout mainstream media


Alt-right Trump ally Steve Bannon and New York billionaire Bob Mercer will launch Breitbart TV news to push the president’s ‘America First’ agenda.

The new right-wing channel would overshadow and dominate the shambling, rambling Fox News and counter the ultra-left propaganda pouring out of the liberal CNN, MSNBC and other mainstream networks.

Fox News has become weak and irrelevant since owner Rupert Murdoch’s sons took Unknown 2the helm. Bannon and former Fox News boss Roger Ailes had planned to launch a news channel together before Ailes’ death in May.

Bannon was let go from his position as the president’s chief advisor on Friday by White House chief of staff, retired Marine Gen. John Kelly.

Mercer met with Bannon for several hours at his Long Island estate last week and also had dinner with President Trump.

The hedge fund CEO was the biggest single donor in Trump’s election campaign. He is also the principal donor of the ‘Make America Number 1’ Super PAC.

A Brexit activist, Mercer will also finance Breitbart News website’s expansion into Europe. In 2011, he invested $11 million in, which led the populist Unknown 3charge to get Trump elected.

Mercer, 71, who lives in a village on Long Island, is a computer scientist and developer in early artificial intelligence, and CEO of Renaissance Technologies, a $25-billion hedge fund.

He owns one of the country’s largest collections of machine guns and historical firearms, including a weapon Arnold Schwarzenegger wielded in ‘The Terminator.’