Beware the venomous liberals!

‘Let’s get The Donald sworn in, and then we’ll do battle with the Democrats.’

This guy, Richard F. Miniter, who happens to live on America’s oldest main street, wrote this piece on the insidious ways of liberals, lowdown snakes who will do anything to poison the body politic—much as their former standard-bearer did. The very Republic is at stake and Donald Trump is at the helm.

Prior to November 8, no liberal ever imagined they’d be humiliated by Donald Trump the way they were.  Not in a million years.

Billy Bones, N.C. Wyeth (1911)

The idea that the smartest woman in the world could actually be forced by some beefy real estate tycoon into the role of a doomed Billy Bones in Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island and get handed the Black Spot, was inconceivable.

And so it’s no wonder that the weenies can’t shake a bad case of the weepies.

But it’s worthwhile remembering that a venomous sea snake will keep trying to inject its toxin into you long after it looks as if you mortally wounded it.  Or, if we twist the original analogy’s arm a bit, that Billy Bones meeting his fate was only the beginning of the adventure of Treasure Island.  That the pirates still had a lot of tricks up their sleeves, and Treasure Island itself was a long way off.

So don’t count on having our Republic back quite yet, friends.

Trump did get us a leg up by exposing the rigged system, showing the average Joe in Wisconsin or Raleigh the unctuous manner in which the liberal establishment operated in the shadows.

He exposed the MSM poll takers, the mainstream media themselves, the public service and teacher unions, the Washington Establishment, and the tax-supported liberal arts academics each taking each other’s cues and combining against the common sense of the people in order to line their own pockets and protect their positions.

This then had the people start asking the questions they were told by their liberal betters they shouldn’t – questions like:

  • When a big corporation makes the easy, mindless choice to move thousands of jobs to Mexico, why shouldn’t the U.S. government threaten it with reprisals?
  • Or what’s so bad about abolishing the Chicago and L.A. public school systems and giving every kid a private school voucher?
  • Why not build a wall on the southern border and aggressively deport criminal aliens?
  • Why should the U.S. pay the lion’s share of the cost of defending Europe?
  • Why not encourage Russia to destroy ISIS?
  • Why shouldn’t a citizen in Pennsylvania be able to buy health insurance sold by a company in Texas?
  • Why should the taxpayers continue to bathe and feed left-wing tenured college professors before sending them on to a retirement the average worker could dream of?
  • Why cannot a VA facility process patients even half as well as the average private hospital?
  • Who exactly has paid for all these presidential vacations in Hawaii, Martha’s Vineyard, and Spain?
  • And, of course, the big one: Why shouldn’t America be great again?

So let’s give him that, thank him for that, have a holy Christmas, get the Donald sworn, dig up the Socialist Victory Garden Michelle Obama has planted at the White House, and then set sail.
With our friends.
And armed to the teeth.

A footnote: If an estimated three million illegal aliens voted after Obama encouraged them to, then Hillary Clinton did not win the popular vote. Not among Americans.