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Following the right-wing revolution across North America and Europe.

Geert Wilders battling Islam

“This is our land, not yours,” warns Geert Wilders, as Islam vows to conquer Netherlands!

Dutch freedom fighter Geert Wilders said the leader of the Islamic Denk party is a poison to society and to democracy, the newspaper AD reports.
Wilders, who leads the largest opposition party in the Netherlands, shot back at remarks by Denk party leader Tunahun Kuzu, that if the Dutch don’t like diversity with people of different cultures, they should “get lost”— i.e., leave the country.
“This is our land, not yours,” Wilders warned Kuzu.

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Brett Kavanaugh, his wife and daughters with Trump

Teen sex assault allegation against Kavanaugh ‘absolutely nuts!’

Washington writer Mark Judge dismisses as “absolutely nuts” an allegation by a Trump-hating Democrat that Republican Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her when they were in high school.
Christine Blasey Ford, claims that she escaped the assault when Judge jumped on the bed and they all tumbled onto the floor.

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Couple of sleazy crooks

Manafort set to nail Clinton crooks

High ranking Democrats associated with Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are next to be targeted by ‘Russian collusion’ madman Robert Mueller, writes investigative reporter John Nolte.
Mueller struck out in his attempt to nail President Trump.
So if the only way to wrap up this travesty is to go after powerful Democrats, particularly Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager John Podesta, then that’s what he will do.

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