Author: Guy de Michêl

Clinton insults Americans on her India trip and then stiffs them with security bill

Hillary Clinton’s self-serving trip to India to flog her embarrassing book Anatomy of a Loser, during which she insulted American women and millions of voters who didn’t vote for her, cost American taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars.

Clinton was traveling in India as a private citizen, but as a former first lady she has U.S. Secret Service protection for life, and the cost of her security detail’s travel and lodging on the trip was billed to taxpayers, the very people she insulted.


The wretched woman was in India — she’s no longer welcome in the U.S.A., where she is baaaaad nooz for the Democratic Party — to whine and bitch and generally embarrass herself. She’s been to Canada, Australasia, Europe… Where is there left to go? Russia?

In India, in yet another Trump-hating speech, she wailed that she lost the 2016 election because much of America is “backwards” and filled with people who don’t like “black people getting rights” or “women getting jobs.” And the women who voted for Trump, she declared, did so because the men in their lives told them to! Man, this self-bragging champion for women sure as hell has zero respect for women.

The world’s sorest loser and one of its nastiest women, got a warning from Karma when she stumbled several times down a flight of steps, only to be saved by a couple of guys walking next to her.

And when she kept on with her bitter tirades and mean spiritedness, Karma got freaking mad and caused her to slip in the bathtub at the resort hotel where she was staying and fracture her wrist.

The first Karma payback, of course, was losing a sure-thing election that she and her gang had rigged to a brash, politically inexperienced real estate tycoon and reality TV star. The retribution and glorious justice of that historic moment in American history is what keeps hope alive in the human soul. It’s also what inflamed this hideous woman and sent her already deranged mind and psychotic ego over the edge.

Moral of the story: Don’t mess with Karma. It will get you every time. And with this evil woman, it’s only begun.



Illegal alien ally same as a gang lookout


TOM HOMAN, head of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, compared Sanctuary City Mayor Libby Schaaf to a gang lookout who tells the crooks when the cops are coming.

Schaaf warned illegal immigrants in Oakland, California that ICE officers were on their way to arrest them and allowed 800 criminals to escape, many wanted for serious felonies.fullsizeoutput_1ebf

President Trump’s Justice Department is investigating the raging left-wing Democrat for obstruction of justice.

Trump spokeswoman Sarah Sanders called Schaaf’s actions “outrageous” and said she put federal officials in danger.

Aliens who escape justice and even those who have been deported come back and kill Americans.

One of the most shocking cases was when a jury in Sanctuary City San Francisco found convicted felon Jose Garcia Karate not guilty in the Pier 14 murder of 32-year-old Kate Steinle.

The illegal felon, who had previously been deported from the U.S. five times, actually confessed to killing Kate in a jailhouse interview.

The authorities, politicians and criminally liberal citizens who harbor illegal aliens in San Franscico, Oakland, and too many other sanctuary cities, are guilty of aiding and abetting crimes against lawful Americans. They all have blood on their hands.


Sessions covers his own hide


Attorney General Jeff Sessions fired former FBI deputy director to save his own ass.

Sessions fired the former No. 2 G-man for lying under oath in connection with his involvement in the agency’s investigations of Hillary Clinton and Russia’s role in the fullsizeoutput_1ea52016 U.S. election.

Friday’s firing came two days before McCabe had planned to retire after more than 20 years with the FBI, ostensibly depriving him of a full government pension of a reported $1.8 million.

McCabe should have been fired, no doubt about that. The president summed it up in this December tweet.4A46157000000578-5512029-image-a-78_1521259690079

But the firing has ramifications that continue to spell trouble for President Trump.

Trump has been thinking about firing Sessions ever since the little weasel recused himself from any investigation into Russia’s alleged interference in the 2016 elections.

Sessions told his deputy Rod Rosenstein to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the collusion crap. Rosenstein, believed by many to be part of the Deep State scheme to topple the Trump Presidency, assigned former FBI director Robert Mueller to the task. Mueller is said to be another Deep State snake, and thus began the witch hunt to bring down the President.

Mueller stacked his team of investigators with Democratic Party followers and even people who have donated to the corrupt Clinton Foundation. In the many months and millions of dollars the probe has cost American taxpayers, Mueller’s mule team has come up with some spurious indictments but hasn’t found any direct collusion between Trump and the Russians. The Senate and the House both concluded there is no evidence of said collusion. Even Democratic enemies of the President agree.

“The collusion conspiracy theory is breaking down,” said Trump-hating House committee chairman, Democratic congressman Little Adam Schiff. “There is no evidence of collusion at this point after year-plus investigations in the House and Senate.”

But that hasn’t stopped Mueller. Now he’s looking for ways to have the President impeached. The whole investigation is so cooked up and phony. Someone has got to find a way to put an end to this travesty.

And that way is to fire Mueller. He should be fired anyway. He was the FBI director when the Obama administration and then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton handed over 20 percent of American uranium holdings to a Russian company.IMG_1388Mueller knew about the treasonous transaction and not only did nothing to stop it, but helped conduct the deal. He should have been investigated long ago. And America would have been spared this tortuous probe.

The only person who can fire Mueller is the guy who appointed him — Rosenstein — and he has refused to do so. Ergo, Sessions should get rid of Rosenstein so that a neutral deputy attorney general can be appointed and thus clear the way to terminate Mueller and his team of biased gofers.


But Sessions is too much of a wimp to give the boot to a guy who works down the hall. Before Friday’s firing of McCabe, Trump was becoming more intensely interested in dumping Sessions.

Friday’s event changes that. Now, with Sessions having fired McCabe, Trump can’t readily turn around and fire Sessions for taking action on something the President heartily agrees with.

Thusly, Mueller is free to carry on with his Deep State machinations.

Hungary fighting for its very existence


The migrant invasion will destroy Europe if countries don’t block it at their borders, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán of Hungary said at a massive rally in Budapest on Thursday.

“Hungary and Europe face a mass migration wave which endangers the way of life of our people, and countries that don’t block it at their borders will be lost,” he said at the 220px-Viktor_Orbán_2016-02-17rally marking the 170th anniversary of anti-Habsburg Revolution of 1848.

“We are expected to willingly hand over our countries to foreigners from other continents who don’t speak our language, respect our culture, our laws or way of life,” Orbán said.

“This is our homeland, our life, and since we don’t have another one, we will fight for it till the very end and we will never give it up.”

Addressing a crowd of tens of thousands in front of the Hungarian Parliament building, Orbán warned that globalist powers want to tear down the fences he built on Hungary’s southern borders in 2015 to keep out migrants.


The 53-year-old champion of nationalism again attacked George Soros, the Hungarian-American billionaire who is pouring millions into promoting mass migration into Europe, with the consequence of ripping apart the very fabric of its many countries.

With the national elections coming up on April 8, Orbán promised to fight for the future and very survival of his country.

“National and globalist forces have never squared up to each other so openly,” he said. “We, the millions with national feelings, are on one side; the elite ‘citizens of the world’ are on the other side.”

With his Fidesz bound for re-election, Orbán vowed: “After the elections, we will avenge ourselves.”

Mesdames et messieurs, the next President of France!



Marine Le Pen is the de facto leader of the populist movement in Europe, said the former senior advisor to President Trump.

“If she is nominated by her party and leads a good campaign” she will be the next President of France, said Steve Bannon, the guy who played a huge role in Trump’s shock victory over Establishment hack Hillary Clinton.

Trump Land

“Marine Le Pen is one of the most important political figures on the international scene,” Bannon said in an interview with conservative weekly magazine Valeurs Actuelles.

“The attacks she has to face from the media are so personal, so brutal, that you really have to have a leather skin,” said the former executive chairman of Breitbart News. “She seemed almost unshakable, she is totally focused on her mission.”4A1190B800000578-5485727-image-a-1_1520721069992

Bannon got a hero’s welcome last week when he gave a speech to a congress of Le Pen’s party, Le Front National, in which he declared that “history is on our side.”

The anti-immigration party, in an attempt to escape its inglorious past, was later rebranded at the conference as the Rassemblement National — National Rally.

Marine Le Pen took over the leadership from her father seven years ago and built up a substantial grassroots following, with the party making gains in all regional elections, and winning seats in the French parliament in last year’s national election.

Skake, rattle and roll

Trump shakes up State Department.

Ex-oilman Rex Tillerson is out, CIA Director Mike Pompeo is the new Secretary of State.

Spylady Gina Haspel put in charge of CIA — first woman to get the job.




Mule team in its death throes


My mules are tired, about to fall to the ground,
ten tons of bullsht pulling big twenty down.  

— Apologies to Hank Williams Jr.’s Twenty Mule Team.

Mueller and his biased team of Democratic Party pawns close to packing it in!

Witch hunt doctor Robert Mueller failed to prove collusion between The Trump election campaign and Russia and is now said to be investigating whether the President obstructed justice.

Unknown-1But Mueller is reluctant to go there, Bloomberg Politics reports, because such a move would spark a Constitutional crisis. The Americans who elected Trump — half the country, and even many who didn’t — would rise up in furious revolt.

America would be thrown into violent turmoil. And a G-man who was the FBI director that turned a blind eye when Obama and Hillary Clinton allowed the Russians to gain control of U.S. uranium mines, is not going to risk IMG_1388that. (Mueller himself should be investigated for that, but that’s another story.)

Any move by Mueller toward an obstruction charge would be the final straw that would cause Trump or the Justice Department to fire his hoary ass.

Mueller is clearly running out of options. His phony probe is costing American taxpayers millions — $7 million at last count.

Even one of the President’s worst enemies, whiney little Democratic Representative Adam Schiff of the Great Sanctuary State of California, has admitted there is no proof Trump or his campaign colluded with Russia to win the 2016 election.

And fellow Democratic Rep Jim Himes of Connecticut called the Trump-Russia probe a “running joke.”