Austrian border troops to stop migrant horde

Illegal aliens rush border

Migranten verboten!

Soldiers and riot police are armed and ready to shut down the Austrian border to tens of thousands of illegal migrants headed their way, many of whom considered jihadists.

Police officials in Balkan countries warned Austrian authorities that 80,000 third-world migrants are heading towards Western Europe and will arrive later this month and attempt to crush their way through the borders.

The migrants are for the most part young males travelling alone on what Federal Police Director Franz Lang (pictured below, left) called the “mosque route.” He described the situation as “critical.”

Austria will mount its largest border security for ever with more than 1,000 soldiers and riot police, according to  the newspaper Kronen Zeitung.

“Wir sind ernst!” — 80.000 Migranten auf dem Weg: Polizei praktiziert Grenzschließung!

Austria’s Interior Minister Herbert Kickl (above, right) warned that the huge influx of migrants, refugees seekers and embedded terrorists could quickly spin out of control.

The ramped-up border security follows last week’s decision by Austria’s conservative-populist government under Sebastian Kurz and Heinz-Christian Strache to crack down on radical Islam. The government announced that it will close seven terrorist-linked mosques and kick dozens of radical imams out of the country.

Austrian government’s ‘non-Islam’ policy