Austria becomes Europe’s best hope with border-controlled, non-Islam policy



Sebastian Kurz, 31, the new Chancellor, who won the national election in October on a commitment to end illegal immigration, has formed a coalition with far-rightist Heinz-Christian Strache, who has vowed to stop the “Islamization” of Austria.


Strache, 48, will become the vice-chancellor and his Freedom Party will take over the ministries of defense, interior and foreign affairs.

The new coalition of Kurz’s anti-immigration People’s Party and Strache’s anti-establishment Freedom Party will be sworn in on Dec. 18 and will govern the countryimages-4 for the next five years.

Kurz is a strong critic of German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s mass immigration policy, which opened the borders to more than a million mostly male Muslims from Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

The result has been an escalating hell of violence, rape, murder and terror attacks. The barbarism and the brutality has quickly spread beyond Germany into other Western European countries, notably France, Belgium, Sweden and Britain.images

The chaos has been allowed to go unchecked by the pro-immigration, authoritarian European Union, and seemingly condoned by voters in France who elected ultra-left wing globalist Emmanuel Macron, and by German voters by re-electing Merkel who has been ruining the country for 12 years.

The new Austria now appears to be the best hope to save Europe from the chaos of mass immigration and open-borders bloodshed that is aided and abetted by “leaders” like Merkel and Macron, and permitted to rage out of control by the EU establishment.







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