Stratagem afoot to silence Julian Assange

The real reason Ecuador did not permit Julian Assange to release Clinton files


The government of Ecuador is expected to hand over WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange to Obama and Clinton.

The leadership of the government was told there will be severe economic disruptions and even assassinations if Assange is permitted to continue.

The forces behind this are operating on Clinton’s behalf. Obama is pulling out all the stops along with the Bank of International Settlements to stop the damning information from unknown-2coming out.

Ecuador’s embassy was attacked in August and presumably Assange was the target. The British authorities took two hours to respond to a crime that was less than two minutes away.

The threat to Ecuador and the handover of Assange would mean the last of the Wikileaks revelations.

If Clinton allies are willing to do this to a sovereign nation, how far will they go to steal the election? Clinton is determined to become president at all costs.

Vladimir Putin would like complete the double play of propaganda and rescue Assange and give him asylum along with Edward Snowden.

Meanwhile, the people are being denied the truth.

— Dave Hodges


  1. Jane Christ says:

    Without whistleblowers, we Americans will be victims of an war-rmongering lying government