America can’t believe a word Susan Rice says

“I leaked nothing to nobody.”


Apart from being a meaningless double negative and plain bad grammar, this statement by Obama’s former national security adviser Susan Rice is another lie.

She was replying to a question about allegations she ordered surveillance of Trump’s 2016 election campaign aides and kept detailed spreadsheets of intercepted telephone calls they made.

President Trump has charged that senior Obama officials collected intelligence on his aides and disseminated it throughout the government. Rice’s involvement in circulating sensitive information puts her at the center of a major political scandal.

Rice counters by accusing Trump of lying — this from a woman who mangled the truth about the Benghazi terror attacks and whose career was marked by deception and stupidity.220px-USA_PFC_BoweBergdahl_ACU_Cropped

Consider the case of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, who was charged with treason for deserting his fellow soldiers and abandoning his Afghanistan outpost in 2009. Six soldiers died while searching for him after he left the post. Rice’s reaction: She said he had served “with honor and distinction.”

After the Sept. 11, 2012, Islamic terrorist attacks on the U.S. diplomatic mission in Benghazi, then-UN Ambassador Rice was the chief instigator of a misinformation campaign, appearing on five Sunday morning talk shows and repeatedly claiming the attacks were sparked by an anti-Islam video.

An investigation subsequently revealed that officials monitoring the attack in real-time concluded this explanation was hogwash.

Rice and then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have cowardly and shamefully denied any responsibility for the slaughter of these four Americans, even though Ambassador Chris Stevens had asked Clinton’s State Department several times for more security — only to be denied.Unknown-1

America, and the world, will never forget Clinton’s heartless statement to the House investigation committee: “What difference does it make?”

Hillary Clinton and Susan Rice, both of whom seem incapable of telling the truth, have yet to answer for the Benghazi tragedy, and truth hunter Trey Gowdy, the bulldog prosecutor and congressman from South Carolina, will ultimately see that justice is done.