Alt-left terrorism

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Anti-fascist thugs more violent than the ‘fascists’

Antifa is an anti-fascist terrorist coalition — branded the ‘Alt-Left’ by President Trump — that is more violent than the “fascists” they say they’re against, attacking right-wing citizens and blazing a path of vandalism and destruction.

One Dead After Car Plows Into Counter-Protesters At White Supremacist Rally in VA.

Antifa members started a riot in Quebec City last week, attacking protesters who oppose mass migration, and assaulting police officers and a camera crew from Canada’s Global News. The group threatened more attacks against reporters and cameramen.

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The anti-mass migration march in Quebec opposed the open-border migration policy of ultra leftist Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, which has unleashed a Canadian migrant crisis of thousands of mostly Haitian nationals illegally crossing the border from the United States.


Violent clashes between anti-fascist protesters and police in Quebec City:

The Alt-Left movement is expanding into many countries, including the United States and Europe. The organization began in Germany as a paramilitary wing of the Communist Party.

The masked, black-clad extremists have been compared to the Italian Mussolini blackshirts of the 1920s, terrorizing with fear and violence, just like fascists.

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