Aloha Obama!

unknown-310Barack Obama pulls a Gauguin


Papeete, March 16, 2017 – A private jet carrying Barack Obama arrived in Tahiti in French Polynesia today, according to local TV channel Tahiti Nui TV.

The former president landed on the remote island without his wife Michelle or his two daughters.

What’s he doing in Tahiti — alone?


Looking for love? Or a nuclear holocaust retreat?

Obama is staying at Marlon Brando’s privately owned retreat, Tetiaroa atoll, which the late actor bought in the 1960s, and where rooms cost up to $13,245 (12,300 euros) a night.

If his wife does join him, this may be where they begin writing their $60-million memoirs.

Inside Marlon Brando's 12-islet Polynesian paradise