A sad day for Europe

Geert Wilders is beaten down as political correctness opens the door even wider to lawlessness and mayhem.


As Merkel and her liberal cohorts across Europe smugly applaud from their ivory towers.


People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy (VVD): 32 seats –  the liberal/ conservative party of PM Mark Rutte

Party For Freedom (PVV): 19 – Geert Wilders’ anti-immigrant, anti Muslim party

Christian Democratic Appeal (CDA): 19 – Sybrand Buma’s moderate pro-religion party

Democracy Party (D66): 19 –  Alexander Pechtold’s liberals who want direct democracy

Green Left (GL): 15 – Jesse Klaver’s mixture of far-left and Greens

Socialist Party (SP): 14 – Emile Roemer’s further to the left of Labour

Labour Party (PvdA): 9 – social democratic party, sister party of British Labour

Christian Union (CU):  6 – conservative religious party

Party for the Animals (PvdD): 5 – animal rights and welfare party

Reformed Political Party (SGP): 3 – Protestant party, oldest in Netherlands

Denk: 3 – anti-racist Labour offshoot formed by two Turkish-Dutch politicians

Forum for Democracy (FvD): 2 – fights against political system status quo