A case of two pardons


“Arpaio is a patriot, Manning is a traitor.”

Democrats, liberals and sanctimonious Republicans who condemn President Trump for pardoning immigration-tough Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio conveniently forget that Obama commuted the sentence of a convicted American spy.

The Arpaio pardon doesn’t come close to Obama commuting the 35-year prison Unknownsentence of Bradley Manning, the transgender Army soldier convicted of leaking classified information that ended up on Wikileaks for the word to see.

“While no one can dispute Manning acted to undermine our country’s national security, Joe Arpaio has spent a lifetime trying to maintain it,” said Arizona congressman Trent Franks. “Arpaio is a patriot, Manning is a traitor.”

That is why Trump’s decision to pardon the 85-year-old sheriff — whose wife is seriously ill — was “right and just,” said Franks.

The former Maricopa County sheriff was convicted in July by a left-wing judge who was appointed by President Bill Clinton. Arpaio was scheduled to be sentenced and would have been jailed with hundreds of criminals who had been jailed by the sheriff.

Federal prosecutors from the Obama administration wanted Arpaio locked up for six Unknown 2.jpgmonths. Any more than six months would have entitled him to a jury trial..

Judge Susan Bolton held Arpaio in contempt of court for not stopping his policy of enforcing immigration laws against illegal aliens and wangled the law to send Arpaio to the slammer without a jury — because an Arizona jury would have acquitted him.

Furthermore, a member of Bolton’s family was representing the side suing Arpaio for allegedly violating the civil rights of illegal aliens — a clear conflict of interest that federal law requires a judge to recuse him- or herself.