#MeToo Oscars flop; ratings all-time low


90-year-old Oscar on its last legs in the half-naked city.

Trump-hating Kimmel was a total bore, a hypocritical self-righteous Democrat who lectures Americans about about gun control and socialized medicine.


As Breitbart noted, by making Kimmel the host, “the Academy basically told 50 percent of the country to go watch something else.” And they did.

49D747C000000578-5461829-image-a-1_1520212116608Ugliest sets in the the history of the Academy Awards!


FROM THE BABYLON BEE: Interviews with myriad other citizens echoed these reactions, with popular responses ranging from “I didn’t know the Oscars were on last night” to “I’d rather die than watch a building full of rich, self-important virtue signalers lecture me while patting themselves on the back for three hours.

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