Obama billions fund Iran terrorism 


Amid the Iran protests, President Trump reminds us about “all the money Obama foolishly gave them.”


President Barack Obama had a history of kowtowing to Iran and its brutal dictators. The very people who to this day relentlessly vow Death to America!

We all know what an embarrassing and dangerous capitulation the Iran nuclear deal was. The dumbest deal ever made indeed!

And in the final months of his administration, Obama approved the payment of $1.7 billion to Iran. Money that’s used to fund terrorism.

That goes beyond crazy to unconscionable.

And now Obama puppets like former National Security Advisor Susan Rice — images

Susan Rice of the shameful and fatal Benghazi tragedy — sustain the left’s stupidity by telling President Trump to “be quiet” and tone down his strong rhetoric and fearless support of the Iranian people who are protesting the “brutal and corrupt regime.” This goes beyond puppetry to mindlessness.


Trump of course will not be swayed. He will stay the course of politically incorrect honesty. To hell with liberal, left-wing pandering dilettantes. No more weak-kneed, flaccid, politically correct cowardice and lousy “leadership.”

Trump stands for strength, honesty and reality. That’s why the American people elected him President.

And that’s why he’s speaking out for the suppressed people of Iran.