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New York Times and CNN condone assassinating Trump, but condemn Trump’s mock video CNN smackdown

The hypocritical New York Times responded with “disbelief and dumbfoundedness” (what a word!) over President Trump’s mock video tweet of himself wrestling CNN to the ground.

The Times condemned the tweet as a “call for violence against the media.”

What the hell was that Times-backed Shakespeare-in-the-Park play depicting the assassination of President Trump if not a call for violence against the president?

Delta Air Lines, American Express and Bank of America pulled their sponsorship of the play in the wake of a public outcry, but the New York Times stood by its decision to support the production, which portrayed Trump as a modern-day Julius Caesar in a business suit being stabbed to death.

As far as the New York Times is concerned, it’s okay to assassinate the president, but its a crime beyond belief to wrestle CNN in a mock video.


CNN called the Trump assassination play a “masterpiece.” After all, the network’s parent company, Time Warner, was a staunch sponsor of the production.

So, like the New York Times, as far as CNN is concerned, it’s okay — in fact its encouraged — to assassinate the president.

But its not okay — in fact its practically the crime of the century — for the president to beat up CNN in a sardonically humorous mock video.