Stuns with daring dress in Putin interview

America’s $20-million TV reporter Megyn Kelly sat down with Vladimir Putin in St. Petersburg on Friday for a one-on-one interview that will be broadcast 7 p.m. Sunday on the premier of her new NBC show ‘Sunday Night.’ The program will run over the summer while the CBS news-magazine ’60 Minutes’ is in reruns.

41022C7300000578-4564120-Blue_velvet_The_NBC_host_wore_a_990_blue_velvet_dress_from_Yigal-m-27_1496351550733Tough guy Vlad looks a little sheepish as he chats with Megyn, who turned heads with a $990 blue velvet off-the-shouder, daringly split dress by New York based Israeli-American designer Yoga Azrouël, and black open-toed stilettos.


The one-on-one followed an International Economic Forum that she hosted, this time wearing a white blouse, black sweater and tight white blue jeans, highlighted by a studded belt.


Putin is pleased to meet her as they firmly grip hands.


Megyn admires a manly man.


And down to business.



America’s most famous broadcast journalist donned a classic reporters trench coat to walk around St. Petersburg in the rain and talk to people.

“The Russian people have a lot of love for the American people,” she said by satellite on NBC’s morning show. “They see us as the same. They see the politicians as squabbling, but to a person they wanted us to know they care about Americans and see a lot in common.”

She added: ‘Almost none believes that Russia interfered with our election. We found maybe one.”