Leading Hungary since 2010

Viktor Orbán, Rebel with a Cause!

A rebel and a visionary, Hungary's Prime Minister Viktor Orban has done battle with immigration-crazy globalists like Germany’s Angela Merkel and George Soros.
And now the 55-year-old right-wing hero has taken a lead role in turning the tide of uncontrolled Muslim immigration.

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Free press is dead in NYC!

Free press is dead in New York City!

Mayor de Blasio has reporter hauled away by security guards for asking a question he didn’t like!
The strongarm tactic came after hypocrite de Blasio appeared on national TV to proclaim, “I believe in a free, strong media with diverse views — I’ll defend it with all I’ve got.”
By Kevin Sheehan and Bruce Golding...

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She's a lowlife!

Trump back-stabber Omarosa is a nasty piece of work!

Former reality TV hellcat Omarosa who was a fired from her White House job now comes out with a book trashing Trump and labelling him a racist.
The book is full of lies and second-hand innuendo that Trump-hating liberal media pawns like that "sleepy-eyes son of a bitch" Chuck Todd are jumping on as yet another way to demean the President.

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Just want welfare

Czech’s Babiš: No Africans!

“We don’t want African migrants. They don’t want to work. They only want to get welfare!”
Sweeping political correctness aside, Czech Republic Prime Minister Andrej Babiš doesn’t hold back in TV interview.
The Czech immigration policy is to import workers the country needs, and not those that the European Union tries to impose.

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Smells his finger

Probe will blow up in Mueller’s face!

The Meuller collusion probe is a “totally illegitimate investigation based on a report that was paid for by Hillary Clinton and the Democrats,” Rudy Giuliani, attorney for President Trump, said on the ‘Hannity’ TV program Wednesday night — and it’s going to blow up in Mueller’s face.

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