HBO’s ‘Brexit’ furor

The upcoming HBO movie ‘Brexit’ is already causing an uproar in not so Merrie Olde England.

Brits are decrying the Benedict Cumberbatch drama as interfering with the British political system. 

“Fuck off HBO,” wrote the Guardian’s Carole Cadwalladr in a now-deleted tweet. “Imagine if we did this for Trump right now. You are literally interfering in our criminal justice system. You’re heroicising a man in contempt of parliament. We don’t know the facts still. Because he refuses to tell Parliament. But this character with the ‘software’ is bullshit. The ‘physicists’ are still unknown. The work was not declared. Electoral commission refused to investigate.”

Cumberbatch plays Brexit mastermind Dominic Cummings. The film digs into claims that the Brexit referendum was won through xenophobia and scare tactics.



‘Brexit: The Uncivil War’ is a drama based on first-hand accounts from key players in both the ‘Leave’ and ‘Remain’ camps, reports the Radio Times. It explores how the opposing campaigns were run and reveals behind-the-scenes decisions that led to Britain’s historic decision to leave the European Union. The film will look at how the two sides plotted to usurp each other through the media and examine controversial financial backers of both campaigns.

The film will premiere in the U.K. on Jan. 7, and in the U.S. on Jan. 19.


FROM WIKIPEDIA: Dominic Cummings was campaign director of  the Vote Leave movement from its inception in October 2015.

He was lambasted by MPs at the Treasury Select Committee in April 2016 for creating campaign leaflets for the campaign that allegedly misled the public.

Board member of Vote Leave Bernard Jenkin tried to remove Cummings and merge Vote Leave with the other campaign, Leave.EUCummings and Vote Leave CEO Matthew Elliott left the board

Vote Leave won the June 2016 referendum with 52-percent of the public vote to ‘leave’ the European Union, heaping praise on Cummings as being one of the masterminds of the victorious campaign. He was named as one of “Debrett’s 500 2016” people of influence.


Queen of the Ball

Congressional ball

First Lady Melania Trump shone in white Saturday night at the annual Congressional Christmas Ball in the White House.

The 48-year-old beauty wore a white shimmering sequins gown by Céline.

Congressional ball at white house

Her beleaguered husband put his troubles aside as he welcomed Republicans and Democrats alike to the grand foyer of the White House.

The President called the White House his “happy place” and said that he and Melania love living there.





Harry Truman looks on
The Prez and the Lady in White ascend the stairs under the watchful gaze of former President Harry Truman.


First woman Prez of the USA will be…

First woman pres of USA

Stands up to the Saudis while others cower!

Nikki Haley, the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, told the American government it has to take a tough stance with the Saudis over the brutal murder of Washington Post reporter Jamal Khashoggi.

The United States must not accept, condone or be partners with a country that brutalizes people, she said in a TV  interview.

“If you have Saudi officials going into a Saudi consulate, the Saudi government is responsible, which makes MBS [Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman] responsible. Period,” she said.

“We need to continue to have harsh conversations with the Saudis about how this doesn’t fit the means of international norms,” she continued. “It’s not accepted by the United States, and we can’t continue to partner with someone that continues to brutalize people in this way.”

Haley, a Republican from South Carolina who was appointed by President Trump, has distinguished herself as a tough, uncompromising ambassador to the U.N.


However — and this came as a shock to all — she will be stepping down from her ambassadorship at the end of the year.

To do what? Run for President, of course — if not in 2020, most definitely in 2024.

Whereupon she will achieve what no female presidential candidate has ever done.

Running again in 2020?

And that biggest failure in American political history, the corrupt hypocritical hag H. Clinton will be eating her heart out.