Photo is a complete lie!

Fake News media exposed with phony ‘crying girl’ photo

Fake News media hit a new low with the widespread dissemination of a phony photo showing a little migrant girl crying as a seemingly uncaring President Trump towered over her.

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Homeland Security head forced out of DC restaurant by liberal thugs.

Homeland Security head relentlessly harassed at restaurant

Open-borders liberal thugs harass and bully Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen while she’s eating dinner at Washington restaurant. Shout “Shame! Shame! Shame!” over and over for 10 minutes. Restaurant refuses to kick them out. Nielsen forced to leave.

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Hillary Clinton cashes in on border chaos

The shameless Democratic sent emails to her hopelessly hoodwinked supporters asking them to donate to her phony organization 'Onward Together' so it can help out in the “humanitarian crisis” caused by the Trump administration.

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